Monday, January 27, 2014

Eating Crow

That sounds disgusting! But, it probably tastes like chicken.

That was gross...sorry. Moving on...

I posted that I would not have a pink girl nursery because it was too trendy. But, I felt at war with myself because it is my favorite color.

Plus, I can't find the Lady of the Manor wallpaper anywhere and did not receive an email response from Yukari Sweeney, the company that made it for Anthropologie. So, I had to change directions. And, luckily, I love this one so much more than the last!!!

First thing, let me just tell you...I LOVE iron cribs! But, my husband wanted to make the crib for our baby. So, I picked out the Marcelle Crib from Restoration Hardware as a guide for him. Now, that's not going to happen. There are so many safety regulations and to be honest, it would cost a lot to build also. So, we went back to the iron crib idea and I am so excited!!!

So, let's tick off the hints I've given so far:

Not the lovely, awesome, beautiful Lady of the Manor wallpaper...check.
Iron crib...check.

Here's the new idea/plan: (subject to change...obviously!)

My photo-shopping skills are subpar! However, you get the picture. (punny) #lame

Anywho...I have loved this wallpaper for a while and SURPRISE!!!!! it's still available and being sold!
I already have the olive green lamp, I like the addition of color here. It's like a little statement. Mine isn't the same shape as this, but the color is the same. The pink bedding will go on a daybed that my husband made to go in the nursery. I googled whitewashed sideboard just to find something to go here. I have an antique sideboard that I'm going to give a makeover too and use as a changing table.

I really like the direction this nursery is going. I like the pops of pink without having pepto-overload!

Now, let's hope I can get this approved through the Hubs! He hasn't seen this yet!

Wish me luck!

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