Tuesday, January 28, 2014

House Cleaning with Homemade Products

I want to get my house in order before Hadley gets here in May or June. I know, to some, that seems like I have plenty of time. But, to be honest, where did all the time go??? I can't believe I'm over half way! Time is flying! And I am starting to feel like if I don't do it now, it may not get done!

I also really want a healthy home and family. I'm not going to go completely organic but where I can make changes, I plan too. That includes the topic today:

House Cleaning
(say it with me...yuck!)

Okay, so I googled homemade cleaning products and found a blog that I'm pretty familiar with and it had a great list of how to make cleaning products, where to use them and how, but also a handy-dandy shopping list! 

So, I made myself a cleaning list to help me get organized and will use these cleaning products to get my house in baby-ready shape.

1st one - Vacuum/Dust Light fixtures.
2nd one - Clean couches and chairs.
3rd one - Wipe down baseboards.
4th one - Clean air vents. 

1st - Sweep and mop.
2nd - Clean out fridge.
3rd - Sweep and mop.
4th - Clean outside of kitchen cabinets.

1st - Wash towels and clean toilets.
2nd - Clean inside kitchen cabinets.
3rd - Wash towels and clean toilets.
4th - Clean pantry.

1st - Wash bedding. 
2nd - Laundry.
3rd - Wash bedding.
4th - Laundry.

I know these lists aren't for everyone. And for some, this is not nearly as extensive or as often as some of these things need to get done. But, keep in mind, two adults live in our house and we both pick up and clean up after ourselves and each other. So none of these areas are ever neglected or left dirty. This is just to tidy it up a bit more. 

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