Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2 days home from Florida and I'm ready to go back!

House of Turquoise showed this house yesterday and I am STILL drooling over it! I've got to find a reason to take another trip to Florida, ASAP!  Wouldn't a group vacation be fun!?!? This house has 7 bedrooms! It looks like one is two twins, but six couples could go and have plenty of room!

Check it out here for more info!  


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where I've Been Lately

Gulf Shores, AL
{camera phone pic}

Gulf Coast Gator Ranch is awesome!!! The air boat ride is worth it!!!! We had a blast!

Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant inside Bass Pro Shop in Spanish Fort, AL is also really good!

Getting stung by jelly fish four times is not awesome! ( Destin, FL)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Live for the present.

There are several times I've wanted to start a blog and didn't because I thought, who'd want to read it? I've finally figured out an answer to justify it to myself! I do! And my future self will want to know what I thought or how I felt on May 16th of 2013.

So, here I am. Day 2!!!! 


Yesterday I showed some ideas I have for my home but, there are a few additional things that will happen soon as we'll.

  • Board and batten in living room (DIY)
  • All trim painted white
  • Front load washer and dryer
  • New countertops
  • Dining table (DIY)
  • New headboard (DIY)
  • Island in kitchen (DIY)

As you can see, we've got a lot of DIY projects coming up. I hope you'll follow along!!!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Around my house...

Here's my house as it is right now: Yes, I've taken my Christmas stuff down.

Here are my inspiration photos:
I love the black wall with the gold mirror and white cabinets! It has a very modern/cottage vibe! 

I have already bought the BM Fieldstone paint for the cabinets and the Hazy Skies for the walls. Now I just have to work myself up to

I will have our awesomely comfy sectional reupholstered, but not in white linen. I love white sofas, but only as a slip cover. I'll probably do an oatmeal linen color. Love the chairs. Love the wood coffee table (good DIY project). I like this living room and I don't have sources for it, it was posted on someone's blog a LONG time ago. It is obviously a flea market booth, but I love it all!

 I'm sorry, I do not have sources for either photo. I've had them so long 
I can't even remember which blog I got them from.

Anyon Interior Design Portfolio
I like the charcoal and white vertical stripes of the hallway mixed with the softer gray and white horizontal stripes of the nursery. 

I like the light gray color of the vanity and the fact that my husband can build it! I also like the openness. We have a large storage closet in our main bathroom so an open vanity isn't going to be an issue for storage purposes! 

Well, this post is probably long enough. I just wanted to get this in writing and maybe it will force entice me to get started! 

Thanks for reading!!!!