Friday, November 8, 2013

Q&A: tagged by Burlap and Lace

1. If you could eat one kind (genre) of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Italian! Italian! ITALIAN!!!

2. What is one design trend that you wish would go away?

Using skulls in decor...hello...that represents a dead person - gross!!! 
But, anything is better than the hunter green and burgundy phase from the 90's!

3. What is your go-to TV show on Netflix?

I don't have one! I have every season of the Golden Girls on DVD and that's my go-to! 

4. Favorite book/ recent great read?

My very favorite book is The Princess by Lori Wick.

5. What is your sure fire way to de-stress?

A hot bath and a gripe-session with my hubs! He's a great listener and he just lets me go on and on. 
6. What is your favorite Pandora station?

Michael Buble' Christmas or Michael Bolton Christmas. Either one. 
And, I can listen to them year round.

7. If you could live in a different country, which one would you choose?

I'd have to check out a few to make sure, but I've always dreamed of France and Ireland the most! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nursery Inspiration Boards

I have come up with so many nursery designs in the past that I just knew I was going to have a hard time deciding on a direction to go in our own! However, both of these came together so quickly I was shocked! And even now, I've probably had them finished for two or three months (before I found out I was pregnant) and I still love them! 

Baby Boy Ussery

Baby Girl Ussery
Our current house has dark hardwoods throughout! (We DIY'd those floors and that is the hardest and longest pain of a DIY EVER!) We will never do that again. Anyway, on to less traumatizing stories...either of these will look great with the dark hardwood floors and I can't remember if our trim is Benjamin Moore Simply White or White Dove. How odd. 

So, that's where we're at right now. Just kind of at a stand still til we find out what we're having!!! 

By the way, we got a heart rate reading of 158 and then 155! Dr. says that's awesome! 8 weeks and counting! 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Change of Taste

A few months ago (approximately 3 posts...probably), I gave some inspiration images for my house. I have since changed my mind and here's where we're going (maybe) now.

Dining Room. Living Room. Master Bedroom. Spare/Guest Bedroom.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

8 days behind...

Well, I'm no good at this blogging thing, apparently.

An apology for all of you stopping by to read up on what I've given away each day. I haven't given anything...yet. I think I'll probably end up doing one post with 31 items I'm taking to goodwill, or have given to someone!

I kind of wish I would have chosen a different topic, like "31 days to becoming a better person" or "Learn How to Pray in 31 Days" etc.

Is it too late to change?  I think not.

Oh well, there is something else I'd like to share with you all. First off, thank you for stopping by, secondly...

My heart is overflowing with gratefulness and I really would like to share that. After almost two years of infertility and one miscarriage, I am 7 weeks pregnant!!!!! Yes, I have nausea all day long. But, all of this is going to be worth it all when I hold this sweet, precious child in my arms.

Here's my story:

I've always been a chicken. Always. I wanted to adopt 4 kids from 4 different countries and raise them. 2 boys - Ethiopia and Cuba, 2 girls - China and India. Before my husband and I got married, I explained to him that I did not want to birth children. Again, chicken. So, advance almost two years and a friend of mine told me she was pregnant and something inside of me snapped. Not in like the "crazy, nutso" sort of way, but in the..."I want a baby of my own" sort of way. So, my husband and I talked about it and decided to go in and have my IUD removed. That was done the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in 2011. I got pregnant right off the bat and January 5th, 2012 got my very first EVER positive pregnancy test! We were excited and elated! And then, January 16th (Monday), I had a doctors appointment. Here is where I should probably tell you that I am TERRIFIED of needles. I have passed out and convulsed on more than one occasion while giving blood. Not pretty. Anyway...we went in and had my blood work done and all that stuff, it went fine, but I started bleeding that night and miscarried. I didn't realize it at the time, I thought I was just having a very heavy period because I hadn't had one in 4 and a half years because of my IUD. We went in on Wednesday for an ultrasound and they couldn't find a baby. So, I had to go back in the next morning and have my blood work done again, to make sure my HCG levels were back down. They were, so I had miscarried. Finally, in July of 2013, I was tired of counting days and tired of wanting babies and thinking about it all the time, tired of hearing my friend gripe about their pregnancies (yes, it happened) which, honestly, is one of the most painful things a person can do to someone struggling to get pregnant. Anyway, my husband and I decided to stop trying. We were going to prevent and focus on getting healthy and start trying again in January of 2014. Then...September 14th, we took all of our kids from church (with other chaperones) to the zoo and to the park. I was running through the tunnels with the kids, laughing and playing, and walked out and got very dizzy. I wasn't out of breath or hot or anything. I immediately felt cold and clammy and nauseous and I knew I was going to pass out. I sat down on a tree stump and yelled for my husband to come quickly. He said my face and lips were white. Unfortunately, I got sick in front of everyone there and we left. It was pretty embarrassing as throwing up in public typically is. I went straight home and took a pregnancy test, negative. Everyone at church the next day was asking if I was pregnant and I kept telling them no. Then, that Thursday, I realized I was late. So, I took another pregnancy test...positive! So, I did what any rational, 29 year old woman would do....I chugged a bottle of water and took another one! Positive!!!! We called our families and the next day I called my doctor. We went out of town that weekend on a church retreat and by the time we came home, everyone there knew. Ooops! I'm definitely one of those wait til 12 weeks type of people...but it just didnt work out that way! So, we decided to go ahead and tell people. I am now 7 weeks and everything has been wonderful so far.

Nausea is a good sign that your HCG levels and estrogen levels are high and hormones are out of whack. Check.

Not eating a lot at one time but being hungry more often. Check.

Looking and feeling like a blimp because you cannot hold your stomach in and it insists on sticking out. Check.

It's great and I feel extremely blessed through all of this and I am so, so excited! Anyone that has struggled with infertility and then gotten pregnant knows there is an undeniable sense of peace and strength and personal growth that is unlike anything I have ever felt. It has been a hard road getting here, but I am grateful because I learned more about my self along the way and it's helped my husband and I learn to lean on God, together. We realized that we have no control of our lives, our futures and everything is exactly in his hands. And, folks, that's the only place I want to be.

God bless you all.

Again, sorry about the 31 days...lack of posting. Maybe I should do a "How not to post in 31 days" I think I'd be the best!!!!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days of Giving

My goal is to choose one thing a day to give away. 
I've been thinking about this for a while and then I just found out that I am pregnant (6 weeks Sunday), so a majority of what I'll probably be giving away will now be clothes. 
My hopes in this project is to (1) become a better a blogger, (2) minimize my closet to the bare necessities, and (3) as a reminder to myself that "stuff" does not bring joy or happiness, it is a mindset.

I'll post tonight my giveaway item for October 1.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A little Kitchen Cabinet shuffle...

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! Just being off work an extra day makes it awesome in my book!

Hubs and I decided to do a little rearranging in the kitchen over the weekend.

What started all of this...well, first of all, I was tired of looking at that boring straight line of cabinets. So, I talked Kevin into moving the the 30" cabinet to the laundry room and getting a corner cabinet. And it snowballed from there.

Here's a photo montage...

The last two pictures are where I searched different types of cabinet trims and picked what I wanted for the top and bottoms. 

Waiting for the caulking to dry so I can paint them Benjamin Moore Fieldstone. 

Still so many things left to do in here. Paint uppers, wax all cabinets, make roman blinds for window, new countertops, backsplash, upper and lower cabinet lighting, light over the sink, paint the walls and trim. 

I'm tired, folks!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is in September, so that's a little over a month! I usually make my husband a list of stuff I like and he picks a few to get me!

I love it better that way because I get exactly what I want. And he doesn't stress about what to get me and whether I'll like it or not! 


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Five Things

I found a new (to me) blog and was checking out her cute outfits and such and came across this and decided I would do it!

Numero uno.
I am a Christian. Actually, Pentecostal to be exact. No, I do not handle snakes, and, no, I do not roll in the floor. I also do not cut my hair, I do wear skirts/dresses all the time and yes, I believe in speaking in tongues.) - Most common questions.

Numero dos.
I absolutely LOVE dogs!!! Actually, animals of all kinds. I have three dogs. Two miniature schnauzers and one golden retriever mix.

Numero tres.
I am about to be 29 in September! I feel like I'm just now getting to where I know the REAL me.

Numero cuatro.
I love to sing! My mom is a great singer and she gave me voice lessons for 18 years of my life.

Numero cinco.
I love to cook. But, I don't like making desserts very much! Most people think this is odd because they pretty much seem the same. But I just cannot muster any enthusiasm for making sweets.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Mr. Ussery's 26th

My husband's birthday is coming up in a few weeks 
so, I wanted to introduce you to him:

He's my macho man! 
Always willing to work on a house project whenever I have an idea! 
Him with our niece Rayanna. 
He loves her like she's ours! 
(That's our friend Jet in the background!)
 He's handsome. 
Along with loving and caring and sweet!
 He's my best friend! 

He keeps me laughing! 
And I also married into this great family! 
His sister, Leslie, our brother-in-law, Tyler, and Kevin's mom and dad, Judy and Rich.

I love you babe!!!! 


Monday, June 10, 2013

Color and Prints - Outfits

Lately I have been adding more and more color into my wardrobe. I LOVE to wear black, it is slimming and even a not-polished outfit can look like a million bucks in black! But with warmer weather, I want prints and bright colors more and more. Here are 3 outfits I've been wearing lately.

Honest moment: My husband isn't a fan of the middle one. He didn't like it at all! But, it was modest and I was comfortable so I wore it to church last night and as soon as I walked in the doors two ladies stopped me and complimented my outfit!

Sorry for the horrible pictures! I actually took those for my husband while I was at work because I wanted him to see my outfits! Haha He leaves before I do in the mornings!

I will do outfit posts every once in a while. Modesty is very, very important to me and I am so thankful that I am Pentecostal and I get to wear skirts all the time! Of course, that's not the basis of our religion, but it IS the icing on the cake! :)

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Light Experiment

Okay, my husband and I have been trying to decide on a light fixture for our room for a while now. 

Before we moved in, we painted the room BM Florida Keys Blue. We threw some crown moulding up, quickly and started putting stuff in. 

A few weeks ago, I showed my inspiration pic.

Souce: Unknown
  • Tear down crown moulding
  • Paint ceiling and trim white
  • Paint walls a medium brown
  • Make padded headboard
  • New white bedding from Pottery Barn
  • Antique duck prints or paintings
  • 2 "nightstands"
  • Jute or Sisal rug and cowhide rug to layer on top
  • 2 side chairs and a small table 
  • Redo dresser
  • 80"+ mirror
I think that's everything! 

Moving on...

I found some lights that I liked and showed my husband.

We both liked this one, but we have 8 foot ceilings and this wouldn't work. So, we improvised and I also didn't want the lighting to be the focal point of the room, so we downplayed the design a bit.


This is what we came up with.

The ceiling fan we had up there damaged the ceiling, so we have to fix that. We also have to patch the hole that the medallion is hiding. So, this is not an "official" after, just a "we're getting there slowly" kinda thing! 

Thanks for reading,