Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Monday Ramblings

The GOOD: We hosted a Young Marrieds Valentines Party at our house Saturday night and it was great!!! We laughed hard and had a lot of fun with friends. Pictures are on Instagram (candiussery), follow me!

Also, I am involved in our Children's Ministry at church and I am planning a service, beginning to end, for this Sunday. I am so excited! I have never planned an entire service, from beginning prayer to dismissal! Thank you Lord for new opportunities and growth!

The BAD: Well, we got our rug in for Hadley's nursery and what do you know...it's red! Not even close to the gray-tan that was advertised. I am so disappointed. I knew when I bought it that I couldn't get my money back (they do take returns for store credit). And, being fair, it does say colors vary, however, when they say it is handmade, why would they not hand-make it a little bit more like the picture advertised and a little LESS reddish-brown. What irritates me the most, is that I could have purchased a rug of that color for less money than what I did this one, I paid more because I "thought" I was getting the gray hide.

Lesson learned. Don't buy cowhide rugs online.

Now, I'm back to square one and have to find a rug for Hadley's room, because the rug I bought will not work in there now.

Oh well...first world problems, right?!

And The UGLY: Now, on the home front...we have to sand some sheetrock where we added a wall and add crown molding and baseboards to the master bedroom and nursery, then we'll be ready to paint the inside of the house.

All rooms are going to be painted Benjamin Moore White Dove. Can't wait! It's going to look so great with our dark hardwoods.

Also coming up, I'm going to be applying a faux marble paint job to our existing laminate countertops to make sure that I like the white countertops. (We will not be doing real marble when we get new countertops.) And, new tile floor in the kitchen, dining, and laundry room.

 More GOOD: Because I don't want to end on a bad or ugly note: I hope everyone had a great weekend! We got our kitchen cabinet doors painted and installed, pictures coming soon.

I have my doctors appointment in the morning, I'll be 25 weeks! Pregnancy Progress Report, tomorrow. This is a big one. I have to do the sugar test to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes. Looking forward to getting that part over with. I'm not a fan of needles (who is?!?!) but I also don't want to have diabetes because that's not good for the baby or me. So, I'm just praying that all will be fine!

Hopefully Craigslist will work in my favor and I won't lose any money on the rug.

As soon as the house gets painted, I will start working on getting the nursery furnished and decorated. I can't wait to document all of that here!

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